Ann teaches periodic workshops on Saturday mornings, 9- 10:15am  ( $18)

Send her an email at to be placed on her mailing list. Once a date is decided, you will get an email and the first 15 responses get a space in the workshop.  The workshops are designed around questions participants have about specific asanas, how to use props specifically for your body, and how to challenge yourself or how to back off a bit.  They may be organized around themes like: Opening the Shoulders, Hip Openings, Inversions, Yoga for Stress and Anxiety, and Yoga for Arthritis or Osteoporosis.   They are designed to give one- on -one help for everyone to see. Workshops like this facilitate progression in the poses to help ensure a great home practice and/or in class participation for later.

Everyone is welcome to contact Ann to be put on the email list. She advertises workshops only through that list and word of mouth.