“I have been going to Ann Seymour’s yoga classes for at least eight or nine years now, and I cannot imagine a truly healthy life without her yoga sessions as in integral part. In fact, the only time I really feel that mind-body connection that’s so elusive in every day life is when I am taking one of Ann’s classes. There I can really challenge and stretch myself, literally and figuratively, in ways that I never thought possible. Ann is a great teacher, and always takes the time to explain why and how certain poses benefit us, and also helps us to understand and respect all aspects of our anatomy much better. She modifies each pose for individuals who have some sort of limitation, ensuring their safety, and challenges others to go even further when she knows we’re capable of it. Ann takes her practice very seriously, and at the same time is warm, funny, relaxed and welcoming to both novices and experienced practitioners alike. Perhaps the greatest testament is the fact that so many of us have been with Ann for many years and will never consider going to another teacher.”
— Nancy

“Ann is an excellent instructor. Her ability to describe how your body should move and feel is incredible. She is able to anticipate how you may be holding yourself incorrectly and will say something like “you may begin to feel…, so you should make sure you’re doing…”. She ties her instruction to physiology and anatomy, and she frequently makes reference to specific skeletal and muscular systems. I’ve noticed that she consistently adjusts some of the movements for individuals who are still new or are stiff. And on top of all this, she teaches you how to breath again! Overall, Ann is an intuitive instructor, has a wonderful sense of humor (and a great laugh), and is genuinely warm. I had gone to other yoga classes and dropped out within a couple of weeks; I started with Ann as a beginner, am now an addict, and am miserable when I have to miss classes.”
—  Clark

“I’ve been taking classes with Ann for a little over a year. After 40+ years of running, triathlons, skiing, mountain biking, and other punishing activities, I had decided it was time for payback… to do something a little less destructive to myself. Yoga with Ann is like my recharging station untying all the muscular knots that the rest of my life disposes upon my body. She’s kind, supportive, attentive and funny. Whatever your goals happen to be (for me it was to be able to touch my legs anywhere below the knees) she will offer a thoughtful roadmap to get you to your destination.”
— Bill

“I find Ann’s Yoga classes challenging and rewarding. She considers each participant’s individual needs while maintaining a vigorous flow for the whole group. Ann plans each class individually so that they never feel repetitive. I enjoy the atmosphere where there is room for laughter while still getting a serious workout.”
— Rob

“As a professional musician and a runner who is in her late 50’s, I started yoga with the idea that I might be able to extend these good years farther into the future. I’ve been coming out of class each week feeling great physically and psychically, and the adjustments I am learning are unquestionably applicable to my playing. I love the positive feeling in the class, and Ann’s gentle style of challenging us, encouraging us, and offering corrections – all with generosity and humor, is something I look forward to every single class. She is a very, very good teacher.”
— Judith

“Ann’s class is just what the doctor ordered. I started having migraines about a year ago and therefore began practicing yoga again. Not only does Ann’s class help me maintain a migraine free life, her knowledge about strengthening the body, especially the back, has helped me with other medical issues. Before, during and after class Ann thinks carefully about the various individual needs of each of her students. Plus, it’s fun.”
— Chris

“Quite simply Ann is the best Yoga teacher around. She is thoughtful, Knowledgeable and always concerned with safety. Her classes are tailored to her students and she puts allot of care in creating her plan for each day, varying the content yet building skills, strength and flexibility. She is constantly considering the individual needs of each student and adapting the days plan as needed. She has a passion for what she does that is contagious and without a doubt no matter how your feeling before class, after, you will feel well exercised, energized and renewed! You will come away with more knowledge about your body, your posture and with tools to improve them both!”
— Ally

“Ann’s classes are a true gift! There is always positive energy in Ann’s classes. Somehow Ann manages to take into consideration everyone’s individual body issues and customizes the class for everyone! This is a rare, thoughtful approach to teaching a class.“
— Denise

“After several attempts with yoga with a few different teachers over a few years I concluded that it just wasn’t for me. Then, I met Ann and tried one class. That was at least 7  years ago.  I cannot imagine life without my 2 classes per week.”

“Each of Ann’s classes have their own groove tailored to the students. The group influences Ann when she is planning class and helps her decide the trajectory of the class. It is all very fun and interactive with the most thorough verbal directions I have ever received. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology builds on her cumulative years of experience and we all benefit greatly from it!”
— Johan

“Don’t miss an opportunity to take yoga classes with Ann, whatever your level of experience. She is organized and flexible, funny and serious, warm and demanding, knowledgeable and self-deprecating, attentive to personal needs while always moving the group forward. You will feel lucky you found her!”

“Ann’s style of teaching energizes me with anticipation before I even walk through the door. I know that I will come out afterward feeling rejuvenated, ready to face the day with more energy and strength. Ann’s talent has made yoga essential to my well-being. I plan my schedule to avoid missing a class.”

“I have enjoyed Ann’s classes for several years. Each class is different! I know I am stronger, more flexible and have better balance as a result of her knowledge, support and commitment. I look forward to my time in class.”

“Ann’s yoga classes have been so instrumental in my physical fitness. I am physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been, I have learned an awareness of how my body works. I can go on and on about how I believe yoga has positively impacted my life. Ann is a wonderful teacher. She has a sense of humor that makes class fun while working hard. She walks you through the poses and helps you position your body for the maximum benefit to you!!”
— Sarah

“I love the comfort of being in a class where you can work at your level and don’t have to worry about falling over in a pose or making a mistake. Also, I like being in an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions if you need help.”
— Kathleen

“Having taken a variety of Ann’s classes I can truthfully say there is something for everyone at Daring Dog Yoga. She is an experienced and talented teacher, committed to the practice and her students. Ann does a really wonderful job catering to any special needs of her students (be it pregnancy, injury, etc) without disrupting the overall flow of the class. Her dedication, attention to detail, and humor make for a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. I look forward to every class!”
— Kristin

“Ann teaches a class that is accessible to everyone — beginners and advanced. She is able to adapt poses for those of us with limitations or injuries yet she offers the ability to challenge those who wish to be challenged. The mindfulness learned in her classes has a lasting effect and it has made me a healthier and happier person. Her enthusiasm for yoga, teaching and her students really shines through!”
— Jayne

“My high standards for yoga instruction were definitely met with Ann’s great classes. She manages to include fun, teaching, and exercise for a wide variety of experience levels. What more could a yoga student want?”
— Leslie

“Taking yoga twice a week helps break up the stress of work and clear my head. The best part about Ann’s class is how she adapts to everyone’s skill level or health condition like a sore back from shoveling.”
— Chris B

“Ann carefully and thoughtfully crafts classes that maintain their approachability and sense of fun. She has a great knowledge of the human body and her students reap the benefits of this knowledge.”
— Jennifer

“I love these classes as well as the studio space. Great instruction on the physiology with just the right level of coaching to achieve self-awareness and well being. Instruction adapted to each individuals needs. Very comfortable and fun classes!”
— Lynn

Please contact Ann Seymour at Ann@daringdogyoga.com